5 proven steps to boost your sales

Looking for some advice to improve your sales figures and meet your sales goals? Need to perform better and sell more? Here are some things to consider.

First of all, what’s actually a sale? Simply put, it’s grabbing the attention of a potential customer, making and closing the deal, and, of course, generating profit. Let’s now look at 5 steps which will help your company or sales team succeed in that simple, yet difficult process:

1. Understanding your customers

Most valuable asset in any business is its customers. Understanding their needs, motivation and concerns can help you provide better products and services, as well as build-up trust and loyalty. Look at who already buys from you, their age, geography, behavior and interests, and keep that in mind while considering potential customers. A good way to learn more about your customers is carrying out customer surveys, collecting insights, getting feedback and reviews. The better you understand your target audience, the better chances are to sell.

2. Auditing your price-list

There exist different price strategies, e.g. value-based, competition-based, dynamic, etc. There is no universal solution since all businesses are different. But what’s to keep in mind here is whether your pricing fits your target audience’s needs. When customers consider the prices reasonable, they are more likely to buy from you in future, which in the end will provide your company sales growth and long-term profitability.

3. Offering a discount

This is not new, but it works. Make your customers happier and provide discounts, free gifts, complementary options, trials, etc. A short-time sales offer can also boost your sales. So long as your customers are satisfied with you and your products or services, they’ll be back for more. However, if lowering the price isn’t applicable, improve your sales offer with more favorable terms and conditions comparing to your competitors.

4. Prompt response

Quick response as well as staying in a stand-by mode (literally meaning standing-by-the customer) is a key to success when it comes to a potential sale. It’s not a secret that most customers want to know the prices and product availability asap, otherwise they may seek for your competitors, so you need to meet those expectations. Fast reaction and prompt communication allows you to close larger and more profitable deals. And here goes step # 5.

5. Automating your sales pipeline

In order not to spend much time on non-revenue-generating activities, take advantage of modern sales automation tools which allow you to streamline the whole sales process. Implementing modern business solutions can automate labor-intensive routine, like data entry, lead generation, quoting and invoicing, etc. Tools like ProfiQuote are designed to assist sales professionals in their sales process in order to increase win rates and generate more sales, as well as to free up much time and resources for more prospective tasks aimed at business growth.

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